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Small groups and Fellowships

Ministries and
small groups

We are a newly church planting ministry in York.  As we are developing, we are currently having the following small groups and ministries:  

Adult Cantonese Fellowship

Welcome to all who have just moved or planning to move to York joining our fellowship.  Using Cantonese as our medium, there will be time to get to know and pray for each other, with a short Bible message and hymns in each of our gathering. 

Ladies Group Saturday (1st week of the month) 5:15 PM

Gentlemen Group Saturday (3rd week of the month) 5:15 PM
Friday (4th week of the month) 7:30 - 9:00 PM Zoom

Children and Youth Small Groups

We are going to have small groups for children and youth running concurrent with our Saturday Service to equip them as life-long followers of Jesus.  We hope, through various activities, prayers and messages from the Bible, they can grow together in the Lord, and supporting each other.  

Church Prayer Meeting

Everyone gathers together in Christ and His grace to express thanksgiving and prayer to the Lord, and to pray earnestly to the Lord for the church, family, friends in need, community, and country.

Saturday (2nd week of the month) 5:15 PM

Support for Newly Arrived Communities

There maybe a number of families from Hong Kong or other countries deciding to moving to York/ Yorkshire to start a new chapter of life.  Moving to a different country with different culture and language could be a stressful experience. We are hoping to support these families by providing information, advice and pastoral support before and after they have arrived to the UK; and eventually leading them to the Lord. 

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